Illicikal Thazhackal Thazhakkamattam Family History

Websters Dictionary states: “History is a written account of what has or might have happened” Therefore family History may be defined as a systematic account of the development of a family, usually in chronological order, with analysis and explanations. In Analyzing, correlating and explaining of past events, the family historians usually make their own judgments of past events and also make certain assumptions, which may be justified.

Illickal Family

Kuruvilla Avira the eldest son of Avira Kuruvilla (Kuruvilla Appoppan) laid the foundation stone of Illickal family sub root from the main root Pittathankal family. Mrs. Anna from Padannamakal Kanjirapally joined with him as life partner to strengthen the faith and culture of the new family root.

The Family hierarchy descended to:


  1. Avira Kuruvilla, Illickal Thazathu
  2. Avira Lonan, Illickal Vadakethil
  3. Avira Avira (Sr.) Illickal Karottu

Daughters married to the following families:

  1. Karakkattu Vazhoor
  2. Maliekkal, Urulikunnam
  3. Plathottam, Kanjiramattam
  4. Kariyattil, Anickadu Kizhakkayil

Avira Kuruvilla (Illickal Thazhathu)

Avira Lonan (Illickal Vadakethil)

Avira Avira (Illickal Karottu)

Illickal Family

Thazhackal Family

Thazhakkamattam Family

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