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Late Rev. Fr.Joseph Illickal

Rev. Fr.Joseph Illickal (ഇല്ലിക്കലച്ചൻ ) was born on 07-01-1908 as  second son (3rdchild) of Avirah Avirah (Peelee Mappilla), Illickal Vadakkeputhuvayalil (Poovathunkal). His school education was completed mostly at Vilakkumadam and Bharanaganam. Further he joined and passed the Intermediate course at St. Berkman’s College, Changanacherry. In 1929 he joined the Minor Seminary at Changanacherry as an aspirant for priesthood. In 1930 he was sent to the Major Seminary in Cylon. On 23rd December 1937 he was ordained as a priest.

In January 1938 he was appointed as the assistant Vicar at The Theekoy Catholic Church. In the same post he also served at Anickadu St.Marys Church and Athirampuzha St.Marys Church. Further he was appointed as the Vicar at the Thampalakkadu Church where he reconstructed the church. He also served as Vicar of churches at Peruvamthanam, Narayanammoozhi (Ranny), Vaiypoor, Kidangara, Mannila, Kottangal, Mammoodu and Trivandrum. At Peruvamthanam also the church was reconstructed by him. A number of convents of different Congregations were also established by Fr.Joseph Illickal.

It was Fr. Joseph Illickal’s initiative and leadership which lead to the establishment of the Government L P School at Elampally. He also served for 5 years at the S H English Medium High School Changanacherry as the Rector of the school Boarding. He also helped Rev. Fr.Abraham Kaippanplackal to conduct a poor home in Malabar.

Throughout his life Rev. Fr. Joseph Illckal helped the poor particularly for the treatment of deceases. He was always available for all the functions of Pittathankal, Illickal, Thazhackal, Thazhackamattom and related families and other families at Anickadu. All loved him and he loved all of them. He lived as a model priest for the priestly community of Chanaganacherry and Kanjirappally Dioceses.

After retirement during the final years of his life he took rest at the hill area church of Nallathanny, near Peruvamthanam. In the last year of his life 1994-95 he was in the Priest Home of Kanjirappally Dioceses at Koovappally. On 25th June 1995 morning he became unconscious and was admitted to hospital at 25th Mile K.K. Road run by CMI fathers. Immediately scanning was done and under expert doctors treatment continued but failed. On 28th June 1995 at 12 noon he died in the presence of all his brothers and sisters and other relations. “Angane aa senehadeepam asthamichu”. He was 87 at the time of his death. Fr. Joseph Illckal’s dead body was immediately taken to the home of his brother P.A.Issac (Kunjithak) Illickal at Elampally Anickadu and was placed in a mobile mortuary (It was the year of introduction of mobile mortuary in Kerala). Visitors from all parts of Anickadu, Kanjirappally and Changanacherry dioceses flowed to this house throughout day and night.

On 29th June at 3 p.m. funeral prayers started at home. Hundreds of priest and nuns, all relations and thousands of the public were present. At 4 p.m. the funeral procession reached St. Mary’s Church Anickadu. As the Bishop of Kanjirappally and the Arch Bishop of Changanacherry were away at Rome, Bishop Mar Kurakose Kunnassery of Kottayam Dioceses led the funeral ceremony at the church. At 5 p m after holy mass and prayers the dead body was placed in the cemetery especially made for him very near to the church.

It was the initiative taken by Late Rev.Fr. Joseph Illickal which resulted in the formation of our 1st Kudumbayogam viz. Pittathankal Kudumbayogam. Three months back of his death, on 25th March 1995 immediately after the Sratham of Kuruvilla Appooppan at the residence of his brother P.A.Issac (Kunjithak) Illickal, he called a meeting of the participants. It was at this meeting that the first decision was taken to form the Pittathankal Kudumbayogam.

It was on the day of 10th death Anniversary of late Rev. Fr. Joseph Illickal the Pittathankal Kudumba vivaranika prepared by Prof. P.I.Joseph Illickan was published.

We the living members of the Illickal, Thazhackal and Thazhakkamattom Kudumbayogam and the Committee Members dedicate this Kudumbayogam website to Late Rev. Fr.Joseph Illickal and the three moolakudumbam heads in the reverse order: Late Pittathankal Vadakkekuttu Avirah Kuruvilla Appooppan, Late Alunkal Karottu Avirah Thomman Appooppan and Late Nadackamkunnel Ithak Ittiyavirah Muthappan, the four Punnyapurushas of our families, who shall ever be remembered.

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